Mapbuilder would like to acknowledge the huge support provided by the following individuals and organisations, around the world. We have active participants from the following countries

Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee are responsible for the overall success of the project guiding it over the longer term, and in reality doing all those jobs no one else gets round to! 

We would like to thank previous Project Steering Committee members:


As a software application, it would of course be nowhere without the efforts of the many programmers who have written, debugged and tested the code itself. If you feel that your name deserves to be on the list then don't just feel sore, sign in and add it to the list!

Sandbox Contributors

 The following people, although not trunk committers,  have helped the project with ideas, patches and development in the contributors' repository

Testing and Debugging

 The following people, although not authors of the code itself,  have  tested  and  isolated  faults, thereby helping considerably in the success of ths project


The project wouldn't be anywhere without the documentation that tells people how to us it.


In addition to the Project steering committee the following people have helped with the management of the overall project 


The following organisations have provided money and or time to support the project