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Recent Development

For the 2.2.x branch the Oracle module has:

There are also several warnings that must be made:

In short if you are a volunteer, we would love your help.

IP Review

Outstanding Issues

The module maintainer will take care of assigning these issues to developers:

Remember that the module maintainer is a volunteer, and if you do have access to oracle please jump on the developers list and help out. Patches may be attached to the above issues for review by the module maintainer.

Although not the responsibility of the geotools module maintainer additional or related issues may be found in the following list:

Module Status

The Oracle Module is undergoing some review. As many are aware the JDBC DataStore is suffering under its own popularity, and is feeling the strain of subclassing. As an example there are three seperate ways of optimizing interaction if you are a subclass of JDBCDataStore, and no documentation or guide on how this is done.

This module is however important, and several developers are being paid to improve it.

Marc also wishes to make more use of the sdoapi.jar, as opposed to the utility SDO class, so that we do not have to maintain our own mappings. We initially moved away from this jar due to oracle threatening to stop supporting the jar. We also had severe accurace issues taking an Oracle SDO Geomery and converting it to WKT to an JTS Geometry. Personally I am looking forward to the new FM where we should be able to let people work against the Geometry model of their choice.

None of these improvements will effect the API, although we may make a topology mapping available to the graph module.