How do I submit a support question?

You can get some help from the Jetty community by posting a question to the mailing list. When posting, please be sure to include as a minimum the following information:

  1. Jetty version 1
  2. Browser version 2
  3. OS platform
  4. JVM version
  5. Command line

If your problem involves a complex webapp, please try and provide us with just a small webapp instead that also demonstrates the problem.

Debug logs, packet traces from tools such as ethereal or copies of the http dialog as captured by tools such as Firefox "Live HTTP Headers" are always useful.

(1) If you are using a snapshot version, please look in your local maven repo for a maven-metadata-xxxx.xml file. The xxxx part is the name you have given the mortbay snapshot repo at in your pom.xml. Report the snapshot number contained in it.

(2) Include this information if relevant to your problem.

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