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Jody Garnett, Justin Deoliveira


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Data access api providing a common interface to several file formats and data sources. This code was revised for the GeoServer 1.2 release as part of GeoTools 2.0, design documentation and research for this effort
is avaiable at

Ideas from this module were included in GeoAPI 2.0, this module is currently being revised in conjuction with GeoAPI 2.1 as part of the FM branch (see below).

Data Module Status


For the 2.2.x branch the data module remainted stable:


Broken out into a seperate module.

Feature Model

On the FM branch the following has occured:


Introduced DataAccess super class for DataStore and parametrized the FeatureSource/Collection/Reader/Writer interfaces to handle GeoAPI Feature as the general case, and SimpleFeature as a specialization.

Module Status

The data module is in flux as we transition to the FM branch, to protect yourself please
use the Query API (and Filter) rather then making direct use of FeatureReader. If you must
use FeatureReader

Outstanding Issues


There are several areas in which the data module can be improved: