Compliance with OGC specifications



 Mapbuilder support

 Web Map Service (WMS)

Returns map images and simple map queries.

 Mapbuilder is a WMS client.

 Web Feature Service (WFS)

Provides read access vector data in a geographic database via a web interface.

Mapbuilder is a WFS client. A WFS layer can be constructed in the MapPane. GML responses can be rendered as vector features in the MapPane or as an attributeList.

 Web Feature Service - Transactional (WFS-T)

Same as WFS, but also provides write access.

WFS-T create, delete, edit are all supported.
Features can be edited in the client and then saved to a WFS-T. 

 Web Map Context (WMC)

Stores all context information for a map display, including list of WMS layers, width, height, boundingBox, projection, etc. Only WMS layers are supported.

WMC can be loaded, edited and saved.

Open Web Services Context (OWS Context)

Similar to WMC, but it can store more than just WMS layers. Layers can come from WMS, WFS, GML, GeoRSS, and possibly external sources.
On 22 Oct 2006, this spec is still draft. 

 OWS Context is supported from version 1.5, with some limitations on the datasources that can be rendered.

 Geographic Really Simple Syndication (GeoRSS)

Format for storing information and associated geography.

 From version 1.5, GeoRSS support is provided.

 Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD)

Describes how to render features. Eg: All roads with type=highway should have color=red and stroke=3 pixels wide.

* SLD Editor. (added in version 1.5)
* Passing of a SLD file via GET to WMS provided. (Some browsers limit the SLD to 1024 chars). (added version 1.5)
* Vector rendering (to SVG/VML) supports limited SLD features. Not all SLD is supported. Filters are not supported yet, but we are working on it.  (added in version 1.5)

 Geographic Markup Language (GML)

 XML description of greographic features.

 * Vector rendering of GML added in ~ version 0.4. This uses the WZGraphics rendering which is slow and can only really render around 10 lines or 100 points.
* SVG/VML rendering added in version 1.5.
* AttributeList provided from ~ version 0.4. 

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