All the experimentation is based on the assumption that the reader is: a maven user, a linux user (with root acces on the server, knows a bit of Tomcat, MySQL. and apache Httpd

The prerequisites to have the MavenProjectServer up and running over a Linux OS are :

The java.home, tomcat.home, m2.home variables are undefined by purpose to let the reader defines its own (during the experimentation they were respectively set to /home/local/jdk1.6.0, /home/local/tomcat-5.5.20, /home/local/maven-2.0.4).

It is supposed that the Tomcat installation is cut in half with the running evironment (in $(tomcat.home)) on one side and the configuration environment (in $(server.tomcat.base)) on the other side; Read the Tomcat distribution's RUNNING.txt file for more information.

The Connection between Tomcat and MySQL is made using mysql-connector (can be found on the mysql site). The mysql-connector-java-VERSION-bin.jar should be put in the $(tomcat.home)/common/lib directory.

The tomcat's admin servlet should be installed (which is not in the default distribution). See the Tomcat site for more information.

The parentheses are used instead of the brackets for the variables definitions as they are confluence reserved signs.