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Gabriel Roldán, Justin Deoliveira


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Recent Development

For the 2.2.x branch the WFS module seen a vast improvement in quality, particularly with regards to compatibility with different server implementations including MapServer, Ionic RedSpider and GeoServer.

Module Status

The wfs module is stable but more testing is always required. Operability with other Servers, such as Cubewerks, need to be tested and debugged.

IP Review

Gold Star Quality Assurance Check

(star) IP Check: review.txt added, all headers are in place
(star) Releasable: no blocking issues, etc..
(red star) Quality Assurance: 40% line, 32% branch coverage, as reported by cobertura
(red star) Stability: API changes planned. WFS 1.0 support needs to be ported to the framework used for 1.1
(red star) Supported: Documentation outdated, module maintainer watches user list, answers email.

Outstanding Issues

The uDig project makes use of the GeoTools libary and provides the following issue list.