Welcome on board the Groovy flight. Before proceeding through the content of this tutorial, please make sure to fasten your seat belt, before we take off to higher levels of grooviness...


This page is intended to get you started with Groovy, following a trail of a few tutorial labs on various topics mainly oriented towards typical use of scripting languages for data crunching or text manipulation.


Graham Miller, a Groovy aficionado, has been teaching a class of business on data crunching. And he was kind enough to contribute back to the Groovy project this great set of educational material to help you learn Groovy, using some nice examples to massage, summarize and analyze data – a task for which Groovy is a quite good fit.
The topics covered are about Groovy basics, text parsing, regular expressions, SQL, and web-scraping:

Groovyファンのひとりである、Graham Millerは、データ処理におけるビジネスクラスを説明しています。そして彼はデータの操作、集計そして解析のためのいくつかのよい例(どのような処理にGroovyがもっとも適しているか)を使って、あなたがGroovyを学ぶ手助けとなるすばらしい教材のセットをGroovyプロジェクトに十分過ぎるほどの寄与をしてくれました。このトピックで扱っていることは、テキスト構文解析、正規表現、SQL、そしてweb-scrapingです:

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