Grizzly Connector

Writing scalable server applications in the Java™ programming language has always been difficult. Before the advent of the Java New I/O API (NIO), thread management issues made it impossible for a server to scale to thousands of users. The Grizzly framework has been designed to help developers to take advantage of the Java™ NIO API. Originally developed under the GlassFish umbrella, the framework is now available as a standalone project. Grizzly goals is to help developers to build scalable and robust servers using NIO.

To Grizzly Connector is not included by default in Jetty (soon to be fixed). To enabled it, just checkout Jetty and do:

% svn co jetty

% mvn install

% cd contrib/grizzly

% mvn install

% cd ../../

% java -jar start.jar etc/jetty.xml etc/jetty-grizzly.xml

That's it! The Grizzly Connector now listen on port 8888.