Using ICEfaces with Jetty

These instructions have been tested with ICEfaces 1.5.2 and Jetty 6.1.1.

  1. Download ICEfaces and unpack the distribution. We'll use ${ICEfaces.home} to indicate the top level directory of your unpacked distribution.
  2. If you downloaded the binary distribution, the example web applications will already be built in ${ICEfaces.home}/samples. If you downloaded the source distribution, you will need to build the samples following the instructions in the ${ICEfaces.home}/docs/ICEfaces_GettingStarted.pdf file.
  3. Simply copy the war files from ${ICEfaces.home}/samples into ${jetty.home}/webapps and start jetty (java -jar start.jar).
  4. Assuming you started jetty on port 8080, surf to:
    1. http://localhost:8080/address
    2. http://localhost:8080/auctionMonitor
    3. http://localhost:8080/component-showcase