The website is made up of two different types of content; static content and pages generated from Confluence. The static content must be uploaded using either webdav or rsync. Unity is the front-end renderer for Confluence that processes page content from Confluence to build "attractive" user facing sites projects.

Static Content

The static site must be uploaded via webdav (webdavs:// or via rsync. The system requires that you have a xircles account and that are registered as a developer for the rvm project.

At the time of writing the rsync setup is restricted so that you can only update from the base of the site and only using ssh which you must setup keys for in xircles. So if you wanted to upload a directory docs/api to the website one possible command for doing this is

rsync -azvLe ssh --delete -C --exclude .htaccess --include docs/api ../site/ <userid>

Confluence Content

To update the content generated from Confluence it is simply a matter of updating Confluence. Unity caches generated content to improve performance but you can force Unity to regenerate a page by adding the suffix ?nc. The template used to format the generated content can also be edited. The templates are stored in Mercurial at docs/unity directory and can be uploaded to the website using the following command;

rsync -v -azvLe ssh -C --exclude .svn $RVM_ROOT/docs/unity/ <userid>