After some failed efforts in the last few years, we're clamping down on the number of projects in order that we can get a modicum of success.

(Note: where we say Codehaus, we also imply Rubyhaus)

Your end of the bargain (Student)


Unless agreed otherwise, you will be required to report on progress every week.

See Status Updates for details on this status reporting.


You must maintain contact with your mentor. If your mentor does not respond, email your backup mentor. If your backup mentor does not respond, email for assistance (this goes directly to the Codehaus support team).

If you do not maintain contact, do not report on progress, do not make a suitable effort, or do not respond to emails we will inform Google of your failure to meet your requirements for participation.


See the Absences page.

Insufficient effort

We don't want to get an email on Monday with a whole list of excuses. Talk to your mentor. Talk to Codehaus Support. There is a wealth of experience in software development at your finger tips. Don't waste it.

Frequent Checkins

If you're working on a Codehaus project, frequent, small checkins are preferred. This is especially important if you've been given rights to the main repository.

We do not want to see a rushed bolus on Monday morning before your status update. However we will prefer any checkin to no checkin at all.


Your code shall have tests that pass. They shall actually test your code.

Mentor Problems

If you have issues with your mentor, contact We will work to resolve your problem.

Our end of the bargain (Mentor / Codehaus)

Mentor access

While we require all mentors to be responsive, you must understand that almost all of us are commercial software developers with significant time constraints. This is why we have multiple levels of support - someone will be available.

Infrastructure problems

The Codehaus infrastructure is relatively poorly documented. However, your mentor will probably know it inside out.

If you have ANY problems with infrastructure (that your mentor can't resolve), email for assistance. We will usually respond in under 24 hours.