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Jesse Eichar


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Recent Development

For the next release Renderer has been effected by two changes:

There are also tips and tricks that should be noted:

If you are a volunteer we could use help improving the following:

Outstanding Issues

The module maintainer will take care of assigning these issues to developers:

Remember that the module maintainer is a volunteer, and if you can help test this module please jump on the developers list and help out. Patches may be attached to the above issues for review by the module maintainer.

Although not the responsibility of the geotools module maintainer additional or related issues may be found in the the geoserver or udig bug trackers.

Module Status

The following changes are planned - details as we figure it out (volunteer!)

Labelling Improvements

There are a couple of bug reports concerning Labeling; it looks like they will only be addressed by changing the LabelCache strategy object. This is a very low-level change so most casual users will not be effected.

Summer of Code

Several Google Summer of Code 2007 projects will be working with the data model (ie MapContext) defined by the renderer package. These projects may extend what MapContext can do over the next couple of releases.

When considering this functionality we will look at the following for inspiration/naming: