Jetty7@codehaus Release Process

  1. Verify that there are no blocking issues on the lists or in JIRA.
  2. update pom.xml to use latest jetty@eclipse
  3. update VERSION.txt
  4. prepare:
    mvn -DperformRelease=true -DautoVersionSubmodules=true release:prepare
    Use jetty-X.Y.Z as the release tag.
  5. perform:
    mvn release:perform
  6. Close the staged repository on
  7. When release is tested, webdav the jetty-hightide repository contents to
  8. promote repository on

Jetty7@eclipse Release Process

Jetty core components are at eclipse from jetty-7 and later.
See for how to build the core components.

The jetty-7 components for jetty-maven-plugin, jetty-runner, example-async-rest-webapp, as
well as rpm, deb packaging remain at codehaus and this page will soon contain instructions
for building them.