What is SwingX(SwingLabs)?

SwingX is the UI component library developed by Sun's SwingLabs. Many of the components used and developed in the "Filthy Rich Clients" and "Extreme GUI Makeover" presentations first make their mark in SwingLabs before making it to core Java. SwingX adds a lot of convenience features that originally one would have to make himself, such as TaskPanes, enhanced core components, glossy components, etc.

Can I use it with my application built using v1.0?

Yes... The SwingXBuilder subclasses the classic SwingBuilder so generally speaking you can just switch the declaration and everything SHOULD work. Please let me know if something from core is broken in SwingXBuilder. Any component that exists in both defaults to the SwingX version but can be accessed by adding the classicSwing property and setting its value to true.

How do I build it?

Checkout the package from SVN here .


0.1.1 is compiled against the SwingLabs 16 Sep 2007 build a Make sure those jars are on your path, including the ones in the lib directory.
0.1.2 and 0.1.3 are using SwingX 0.9 release build
0.1.5 uses the SwingX 0.9.1 release build, and ships with the Windows installer for Groovy 1.5.0.

swingxbuilder-0.1.1.jar (compatibile with Groovy 1.1-beta-3)
swingxbuilder-0.1.2.jar (compatibile with Groovy 1.1-rc-1)
swingxbuilder-0.1.3.jar (ships with Groovy 1.1-rc-2 windows installer)
swingxbuilder-0.1.5.jar (ships with Groovy 1.5 windows installer)