Releasing the Jetty Website

The jetty website is a maven2 project hosted in the jetty scm at The Codehaus.

Required Background

The jetty website is setup like any other project, with its own trunk, tags and branches directory structure in scm. It operates off of a set of maven dependencies listed in the jetty-website artifacts pom.xml. Most of the content of the website is located in the scm for the project but there are key components that are pulled into the website generation process that are generated as a part of the jetty trunk and jetty 6.1.x branch builds. These components are generated by the maven-assembly-plugin and have the classifier of site-component and generally include things like aggregated javadocs, cross-references and some specific other key files.

Adjusting Jetty Versions

The website is generated for specific version of jetty by altering two properties defined in the top level pom.xml file.


7.0.0pre2 and up


6.1.12 and up


The release process for the jetty website is very simple.

> mvn release:prepare
> mvn release:perform (optional, don't actually have to deploy artifacts...they are unused)

Deploying the Website

> svn co<version> jetty-site-<version>
> cd jetty-site-<version>
> mvn install
> cd jetty-website
> mvn site:deploy

If the site:deploy step does not work, then you can manually deploy the site from the target directory to davs://

If you have issues doing this with missing site-component resources then you might need to build the two jetty releases the site is being based off of. I am trying to iron this out so its not needed but it might take a little bit. Do let me know if you have issues!

– jesse