This guide is still work in progress and will be finished when final Mapbuilder 1.5 is released. The described changes apply to Mapbuilder releases 1.5rc1 and later, for applications based on Mapbuilder up to release 1.5-alpha1.

With the introduction of OpenLayers as rendering engine for Mapbuilder, some widgets have changed, and some configurations need to be updated when upgrading from releases prior to 1.5-alpha2. Some things can now be accomplished in an easier way, like Overview Maps (formerly known as Locator Maps).

Deprecated Widgets and Tools

Old widget/tool

replaced by









MapContainer widgets

(see below)

MouseHandler tools

(see below)

AutoResize widget

no longer needed (see below)

New properties to all widgets that inherit from WidgetBaseXSL.js

Changes in the behavior of the map (MapPaneOL)

Changes in the behavior of the GmlRenderer (GmlRendererOL)

Different configuration for MapContainer widgets

OpenLayers does not use a MapContainer any more as described in Controlling Widget Output. This change affects all widgets that used to have a <mapContainerId> property. This property is usually replaced by <targetModel>, linking to the context model that the map belongs to (eg. mainMap). For widgets that perform actions on a different model than the map (those that already had a <targetModel> property), the map is referenced by the <targetContext> property instead.

New and different configuration options for some widgets

Please refer to the Component Register for an overview of all models/widgets/tools and their properties.

Removal of MouseHandler tools

The following tools no longer need to be added to the Mapbuilder configuration file, because they are now handled by the OpenLayers rendering engine:

This means that widgets no longer need a <mouseHandler> property.

Overview Maps

The old way of defining locator maps as a separate context with widgets and tools for displaying and modifying the extent and zoom level of the main map is deprecated. It can still be used, but it is recommended to switch to the new OverviewMap widget.

If you previously used a configuration like the following (taken from the Feature Entry demo):

<Context id="locator">
		<MapPane id="locatorWidget">
		<AoiBoxWZ id="aoiBox3">
		<AoiMouseHandler id="locatorAoi"/>
		<ZoomToAoi id="locatorZoomToAoi">

you could now simply add the following to the <widgets> section of your main map context:

<OverviewMap id="locatorWidget">